What is Girls’ CAN?

Girls’ CAN stands for the Girls Councils for Advancement Network. We are an initiative dedicated to empowering young women across the nation through a series of chapter organizations. Every chapter organization participates in or hosts conferences, holds discussions, organizes community-specific initiatives to empower others and make a change, educates, and hosts speakers.

Who can join Girls’ CAN?

Any secondary school member in good disciplinary standing who maintains a C average can register as a member of Girls’ CAN. All members maintain membership status as long as they attend 80% of meetings and events.

How does a school become a chapter organization of Girls’ CAN?

Schools must notify the Hub of their interest in participating, prove member interest, and gain administration approval. At that point, a girl or girls must apply for the position of Head before the official launch of the program at each individual school.

How is/are Head(s) chosen?

During the launch year of a chapter organization, girls interested in becoming the Head or Co-Head of Girls’ CAN must apply for the position. Specifics regarding who is eligible for the position and the application process may be found in the chapter materials and on the Head application page of the website.

When are applications due?

Application due dates are agreed upon by the soon-to-be chapter and the Hub. Generally, applications will be due anywhere between two to four weeks after the announcement date.

How is the organization structured?

The Girls’ CAN organization is structured in the form of chapter organizations managed by The Hub, located at the Agnes Irwin School. Girls CAN is an initiative of the Council for the Advancement of Girls.

Do I have to pay to participate?

Generally, membership in Girls CAN is free. Member dues specific to each chapter may occur if an individual school requires payment for participation in activities. No membership due may cost more than $20 annually.

How often do chapters meet?

Chapters meet on a cyclical basis determined by chapter bylaws. Meetings tend to occur on a weekly, letter-day cyclical, or bimonthly basis.

What exactly do I do if I am a member of Girls’ CAN?

As a member, you begin by attending meetings. At each meeting, your school may decide to host discussions, host speakers, or organize an event or an initiative. You may spend the year working on individual projects and hosting discussions, but we encourage every chapter to organize at least one initiative. This may range from a school-wide event, conference, or discussion, the hosting of a speaker, celebration of the International Day of the Girl or International Women’s Day, or an initiative specific to your community. Should there be a change that you wish to see put into place, it is possible– we know from experience. We, the Hub, work in partnership with your chapter to ensure that all initiatives and ideas go off without a hitch.

What is the Council for the Advancement of Girls?

The Council for the Advancement of Girls is the Hub of Girls CAN and the original chapter organization. Created by a sophomore at the Agnes Irwin school in 2011, The Council for the Advancement of Girls serves as a student liaison to the Center for the Advancement of Girls.

What is the Center for the Advancement of Girls (CAG)?

The Center for the Advancement of Girls is an educational initiative that focuses–through research, innovative programming and community engagement–on four domains of girls’ lives: leadership, wellness, global citizenship, and teaching and learning in the 21st century.

How can I contact the Hub?

The Hub can be reached at contact@caggirlscan.org. We answer any and all questions promptly- if you cannot find the answer to your question on our website, please get in touch!



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