2nd Annual L4C Conference


Our 2nd Annual Lead for Change Conference was a huge success! Our 1st Annual Conference promoted changes in women’s leaderships to an audience of high school girls, and with the second conference, we followed up with yet another inspiring and thought-provoking event with workshops, networking activities, keynot speakers, and the launch of Girls CAN. Our two keynote speakers were Megan Murphy, the Executive Director of the National Coalition for Girls Schools, and Zerlina Maxwell, a Political Analyst, Writer, Speaker, Commentator for MSNBC, CNN and Fox News. Additionally, we hosted a variety of workshops including “Emerging Entrepreneurs” lead by Katlyn Grasso, “Identity” lead by Charlotte Jacobs, “Negotiation” by Rachel Krol, “Media Skills” by Debasri Ghosh, “Positivity” by Chester County Women’s Fund, “Gumption” by Dr. Loretta Sweet Jemmott, and “Girls as Activists: Walking Through the Minefields” by Claire and Maxine Bailey. We also had a networking lunch where girls had the opportunity to interact and network with these great leaders and women in our community.


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