Career Workshops

At this year’s L4C Conference (3rd Annual L4C Conference), there will be eight interactive career-based workshops featuring the following:

Nicole LeVine

Workshop Title: “Electrifying Women in STEM”

During this interactive workshop we will discuss the basics of electricity and natural gas and practice how to handle emergency situations. Participants will also gain an understanding of what it’s like to be a leader of a male dominated field.

Biography: Nicole LeVine has more than 15 years experience in the utility industry.  She began her career in highway engineering consulting, and moved into the gas and electric utility industry in 2000 with PECO.  She held various engineering roles and quickly moved into management.  Beginning in 2003, Nicole has had management responsibility for Gas Regulatory Compliance, Overhead and Underground Electric Transmission, Energy Technicians, Electric Distribution System Operations, and the Electric and Gas Operations Control Center.  Most recently she holds the position of Director, Gas Operations.  She has a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Delaware and is a three time Ironman finisher.

Katlyn Grasso

Workshop Title: “The Perfect Pitch: How to Sell Yourself in Any Situation”

The most important part of being a successful entrepreneur is learning how to sell yourself. This workshop will teach you how to present your best self in any situation, whether you are running for student government or starting a business.

Biography: In her role as CEO, she has created the GenHERation Summer Leadership Series, developed original GenHERation webisodes, and grown the community to more than 15,000 members. She is a Wharton School graduate where she received a B.S. in Economics with concentrations in finance and strategic globalization. She is one of the inaugural recipients of the President’s Engagement Prize at the University of Pennsylvania, an award given to develop innovative projects to change the world. Katlyn is a Seventeen Power Girl and named to the magazine’s list of “Real Girls Doing Amazing Things.” Katlyn was selected for the 2015 Millennial Trains Project, a cross country trip for 25 social innovators sponsored by NBCUniversal. She was of the “5 Innovators to Look Out for on the 2015 Millennial Trains Project” and awarded a 2015 Impact Grant from NBC Universal to produce webisodes of the Summer Leadership Series. Katlyn is a serial entrepreneur who has started two nonprofits: dance exercise program Tap for Tots and a technology commercialization venture. Katlyn spends her time between New York City, Philadelphia, and California, speaking about entrepreneurship, technology, and the advancement of women. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo Travel, The Huffington Post, Washington Times, and Wharton Magazine, and she has appeared on SiriusXM Radio, CBS Radio Los Angeles, and Kiss 104.1.

Katie Monroe

Workshop Title: “The Career Paths Less Traveled”

Katie will start with an overview of her work and career trajectory as a young professional in the nonprofit world in Philadelphia. She will then focus on three lessons, each with interactive components: the importance of networks of women to personal and professional success, the role that internal narratives about challenges affect how we face them, and the diversity of options for career paths and trajectories we haven’t necessarily been able to imagine before! Katie’s unique career as a bike professional, situated within a network of women, will provide real-life scenarios for each of these lessons, but each will be coupled with an interactive/discussion component.

Biography: Katie Monroe of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is a passionate advocate for equal access to healthy, safe, and sustainable transportation in Philadelphia, with a focus on the power of the bicycle as a tool for social justice and community change. She is the founder of Women Bike PHL, a local women’s bicycling program, and oversees the Bicycle Coalition’s Better Bike Share Partnership outreach efforts, with a goal of connecting all Philadelphians to Indego, our bike share system.

Julie Zelinger

Workshop Title: “Activism in the 21st Century”

This workshop will introduce participants to the intersection of feminist activism and new media. Students will learn how activists are using a variety of online platforms to promote social causes (including case studies like #BlackLivesMatter and #FreeTheNipple) and will engage in an exercise to identify a cause that matters to them and potential plan for how they can support it using social and new media.

Biography: Julie Zeilinger is the founder and editor of The FBomb (, a feminist blog and community for young adults that recently partnered with the Women’s Media Center, the media organization founded by Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda and Robin Morgan. She is currently a staff writer at Mic ( and is also the author of two books — A Little F’d Up: Why Feminism Is Not A Dirty Word and College 101: A Girl’s Guide to Freshman Year. She has been named one of Newsweek’s “150 Women Who Shake The World”, one of the “Eight most influential bloggers under 21” by Women’s Day Magazine, has appeared on MSNBC, NBC and Fox News and her writing has been published in the Huffington Post, Billboard Magazine, Forbes, Jezebel and CNN among other publications. Follow her on twitter (@juliezeilinger) and for more information visit

Stephanie McConnell Moleski

Workshop Title: “Evolution of Women in Medicine”

Stephanie McConnell Moleski, MD will discuss her experience as a physician. She will address women’s presence in medicine in general as well as in leadership positions. She will also present some of the joys and struggles women physicians face and help guide young women who have an interest in a potential medical career.
Biography: Stephanie McConnell Moleski, MD is an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Associate Program Director in the Division of Gastroenterology at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. She was a lifer at AIS and graduated in 1991. After graduating from Duke University in 1995 she worked in advertising in NYC for 4 years before pursuing her original love of medicine. She graduated from Jefferson Medical College in 2005 and then did residency in Internal Medicine with a fellowship in Gastroenterology. She has remained on staff at Jefferson where she is a clinician, teacher and researcher.  She is involved in clinical research on celiac disease and her practice focuses on women’s gastrointestinal health.

Doris DelTosto Brogan, Esq

Workshop Title: “Finding Your Voice:  Giving Voice to Values and to the Leader in You”

Most of us want to live our values, and we want to bring our whole selves to whatever we do.  We also hope to achieve, and to lead. Yet most of us will also face conflicts—times when our values clash with the expectations of others, or with what we see as the path to something we desire or hope to accomplish.  For those who aspire to lead (formally or informally) building that ambition on a strong, genuine foundation of values is crucial.  This workshop will focus on helping you  to explore your own values, and to consider how to speak and act on those values,  in a way that is effective, and is  consistent with who you are, how you communicate and  how you interact with others.  This will not only position you to give voice to your values, but also to navigate situations when your values appear to be in conflict with your goals, or with the mainstream.
Biography: Doris Brogan joined the Villanova Law faculty in 1983 and served as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs from 1992-2009, and Interim Dean from 2009-2011. She teaches in the areas of Torts, Privacy, Conflict of Laws, Legal Ethics and Domestic Abuse, and has written in the areas of legal ethics, domestic abuse, conflict of laws/federalism and privacy. Doris graduated magna cum laude from Villanova School of Law where she was the Research and Project Editor of the Law Review and was elected to the Order of the Coif.  She earned her BA from Rowan University.  Following law school, she was an associate attorney in the litigation section of Morgan Lewis & Bockius. She chairs the Board of Directors of Riverbend Environmental Education Center, and is on the Board of Directors of the Radnor Educational Foundation.

Lindy Li

Workshop Title: “The Journey to Congress”

As long as you work as hard as you can and live with integrity and kindness, you can achieve whatever dream your mind can conceive — Lindy lives by this philosophy and would love to encourage you to pursue your own career in politics and public policy by sharing her journey to Congress with you. She will explain what it takes to run a Congressional campaign, especially as a female in our state of Pennsylvania, where there isn’t a single woman on our 20-member Congressional delegation.

Biography: A first-generation immigrant from China, Lindy grew up in Pennsylvania, where she proudly attended Irwin’s. While at Princeton, she was the only woman to be elected Class President four times in a row and continues to serve as Alumni Class President. After working at Merck and Morgan Stanley, she is now the Democratic Congressional candidate for the 7th District of Pennsylvania, which includes much of the Main Line and our beloved Irwin’s. College affordability, income growth, climate change legislation, and gun violence prevention are some of the issues she is championing.

Luisa Contreiras

Workshop Title: “Lifelong Lessons for success in the fields of Science, Technology and Leadership”

During this workshop, we will have an interactive discussion about the core ingredients that are fundamental for success in a career in Science, Technology, and Leadership or in any field, really.   It is not the classes you take, but rather what you take from those classes and from the extraordinary people around you; all helping you develop your own brand of extraordinary.  Drawing from a lifelong career in Science, Technology and Leadership; we will discuss the same life lessons that I have shared with professional women that I have counseled and mentored over many years:  

Be confident in yourself because otherwise how will anyone else be?  

Be open to possibilities because they are doorways to opportunities.

Be true to yourself because your style is part of your excellence.

Be extraordinary because neither ordinary nor perfect are powerful.

Biography: Ms. Contreiras studied Astrophysics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with a goal of being an Astronaut.  After graduation, she shifted professions to Information Technology, a field wherein she has had a blast working for the past 25 years.   She began her career as a programmer in a large consulting firm, and subsequently moved into different technology and leadership roles across a variety of companies.   For the past 14 years, Ms. Contreiras has served as a Chief Technology Officer, an executive position in charge of all the company’s technology functions as well as being part of the overall leadership of the organization.   She has been a CTO for small and large companies in both the software and healthcare industries. She found early on that her true passion is solving problems, and working with great teams.  She believes that at work you should always be challenged, make a difference and laugh.  Ms. Contreiras has a four-year-old daughter, Sidney; who is in Pre-K at Agnes Irwin.  Sidney brings mom endless joy and all new reasons to be challenged, make a difference and laugh.