How We Work

Our goal as Girls CAN is to provide schools the opportunity to develop chapters of our organization that promote the reputation of girls as capable and exceptional leaders. Below you will find an overview of each facet of our organization.

Chapters: The first step to joining Girls CAN is to become a chapter. Chapters of Girls CAN are located anywhere in the nation and are organizations for young women in high school. Each chapter’s goals are slightly different from the next, but the truly important factor is the mission behind it all- promoting girls and women in leadership. Chapters can meet on a weekly, cyclical, bimonthly, or even monthly basis, and may choose to hold discussions, organize events, or host speakers for themselves or their school. Each chapter is connected to the CAG hub in Pennsylvania through a regional representative. As an organization, we provide the support each chapter needs to get off the ground, and then we work to help each chapter achieve their goals.

Conferences: One of our primary goals as Girls CAN is to develop leadership conferences for girls at local schools in their area, focused on a varying range of topics. The conferences will be by girls, for girls, and organized by Girls CAN chapters. Each conference can have one of many themes, whether it be the theme of the original conference, Leading for Change, or new topics, such as finance and business, innovation, or empowerment. For more information about the original conference, please look here.

Speakers: Each chapter will be encouraged to invite women in varying professions to speak at their school or at an organizational meeting, whether it be to tell a unique life story or inspire thoughts of change and dispel gender stereotypes.

Support:  No matter the situation, we are here as a support base for the initiatives and goals of each chapter. We will provide guidance and information every step of the way, although of course our eventual goal is for each chapter to become independent and successful on its own.


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