Beyond Girls CAN

Girls CAN is an initiative of the Council for the Center for the Advancement of Girls, located at The Agnes Irwin School in Rosemont, PA. We work with organizations within our community and across the nation. Please find below a few of our partners- we encourage you to join, work with, or get involved in some of these wonderful organizations!

iig logoInvest in Girls: Invest In Girls is a financial literacy program dedicated to introducing finance and economics to high school girls through their school and community. This programs works with schools to teach students as they move through high school, starting with students as sophomores and growing with them as they move through junior and senior year. Students learn through workshops, an online and interactive website, and field trips.

GenHERation: GenHERation is an online program available to high school girls across the nation. GenHERation gives girls the opportunity to partner with major corporations to form ad campaigns, while also offering, amongst other things, opportunities for scholarships, awards, and the chance to write blog posts for various corporations.

women's way logoWomen’s Way: Women’s Way is a grant-making and advocacy organization in the Philadelphia area and the partner of CAG in the I Am A Girl Campaign.

Penn School of Nursing: The University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing Science has been a partner of CAG and the Council for CAG since close to their very inception, and we are proud to have them as supporters of our initiative.


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