Girls CAN: The Girls’ Council for Advancement Network

Educate. Lead. Inspire.

Our Mission: Girls CAN is an organization dedicated to educating young cropped-cag-bw-dream-flag-cover-photo.jpgwomen to become leaders in their community. Through a web of connection between chapter organizations, we empower girls to inspire change. Communication between the young women who will be the future leaders of our nation is a necessity; therefore, through conferences, speakers, and a group of girls united by their goal to empower others, we dedicate ourselves to making a permanent impact.

What we do: We partner with high schools across the nation to create organizations (chapters of Girls CAN) focused on female empowerment. Our goal is to generate change through leadership conferences and other events created by girls, for girls.

To Contact Us: Please visit our contact page.

The Council for CAG: The Council for the Center for the Advancement of Girls (CAG) is a student-run organization located at The Agnes Irwin School in Rosemont, PA and the hub and architect of the Girls CAN initiative. The council is a program of CAG, which spearheads educational projects to further leadership, wellness, global awareness and teaching and learning in the 21st century.  CAG focuses on those four pillars of study through research, partnerships, programs and community outreach.


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